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In the Spirit of the Season

In April, daughter Jennifer had broken the sad news to my granddaughters Lily, 10, and Anna, 8, that there was no Santa, just as they suspected. The kids, their mother, and their grandmother cried ¬†themselves to sleep that night, lamenting … finish reading In the Spirit of the Season

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Sweating the Small Stuff

It was close to midnight by the time Jennifer, Lily, Anna, and I arrived at Quinta Elena on Nov. 23.¬†It was good to be home and to have a houseful of company arriving the next day, Tuesday. Thursday would be … finish reading Sweating the Small Stuff

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A houseful of family and friends will join me this Thanksgiving in San Pancho: daughter Jennifer, son Michael, granddaughters Lily and Anna, brother Jim and sister-in-law Teri, friends Cheryl and Jeff, Judi and John. Their presence means more to me … finish reading Thanksgiving

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